Research Study Opportunity

I want to put out a call in support of a research study being conducted by the University of Tasmania that is seeking adult parents and adult (or teen) children of former “alienation” who have recovered and restored their relationship for an interview on your experience.

So this is not for currently alienated children and families. This study is for previously alienated – now restored relationships.

The research interviews can be conducted over Skype or phone, and everything is confidential.

Here are the links:

Current research:

Reunification of Alienated Parents and their Adult* Children: A Qualitative Investigation

and upcoming research

PAAR Research

This type of research is incredibly valuable and important.  If you are a recovered parent or adult-child, please consider participating in this research opportunity.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857

8 thoughts on “Research Study Opportunity”

    1. What are the prior research studies on reunification? The research on “parental alienation” as a construct is very limited, and I’m not aware of any research on reunification. Most of the research has been an effort to validate that the construct exists. Amy Baker has done the most empirical research surrounding the construct of “parental alienation” but even these studies are problematic. At this phase we are in the domain of what’s called “exploratory” research which involves “qualitative” research designs.

      One of the primary problems with the research into “parental alienation,” including Dr. Baker’s studies, is how the construct of “parental alienation” is operationally defined. Pretty much all of the prior research and discussion surrounding the construct of “parental alienation” has used the Gardnerian PAS model of eight symptom identifiers with no clear underlying theoretical model for the pathology, which I believe is a deeply flawed model. I think our research into this pathology will advance considerably once we recognize it as a form of attachment pathology – the trans-generational transmission of attachment trauma from the childhood of the “alienating” narcissistic/(borderline) parent to the current family relationships, mediated by the personality disorder pathology of the parent which is itself a product of this parent’s childhood attachment trauma (disorganized attachment that coalesced into personality disorder pathology).

      Once we switch to an attachment-based reformulation for the pathology, I think our research opportunities are going to explode. Currently, the field of “parental alienation” struggles in the backwaters of professional psychology as an obscure and controversial form of semi-recognized pathology. Attachment theory, however, is front and center of current professional interest and research. Shifting to an attachment-based reformulation for the pathology will immediately catapult the pathology of “parental alienation” into the forefront of professional awareness and research.

      Craig Childress, Psy.D.
      Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857

  1. Oh, how I pray I (and all alienated parents and children) will be in that category of ‘recovered’ and ‘reunited’ with my daughter someday. It is wonderful that this study is taking place.

    1. My prayers are with yours. And I can assure you that we will not stop until all of the children are returned to the arms of their beloved parents, even the now-adult survivors of childhood alienation. We will not abandon a single child, not even the now-adult ones.

      Craig Childress, Psy.D.
      Psychologist, PSY 18857

  2. If you would like to do a theoretical trial study with your own criteria, I will give you my paperwork for proof of the situation and would like to be in a study that you conduct. I like your unbiased approach. The situation that the 20/20 program is in with the men against the women will def not have a good outcome. Also, I have heard more than a dozen times that some have to be sacrificed for the good of all and is more than I can bare. In court, there is something about being the first one there to file against someone else. It is all soooo defeating. Bottom line is, and I will keep saying, family court should be held responsible for the family unit as per their judgements and not have to rely on a television show for justice even though the women are trying to start a war. Isnt it better to be held to truth and facts, or no. I think that APA is trying to figure out a way for the kids to be diagnosed when faced with a tug of war. Its all sooooo horible and scarey….

  3. First, it is a myth that parental alienation only exists in the realm of family courts. My ex alienated my daughter when she was 19 years-old, escorting her to the police station and CRIMINAL court to issue a five-year Restraining Order against me. Completely fabricated, false charges of “physical, mental, and emotional abuse.”
    Second, it is a delusional and detrimental to alienated parents of both genders to make such a grandiose statement as, “even though the women are trying to start a war.” Please tell me any war that was ever started by women.

  4. Dr thankyou u have gave me hope and determination u av made me relize exactly wots wrong my parent wi h this horrific woteva it ir attitude? She was aware n hid it wel shes pasd now but stil im sufering so nuch n im losin the nice kind humain girl i was im ful of hate n all difrent isues n mood swings i wil nw be able to get the help i need to have a life and future how can we get this noticed coz id rava of sufferd brutal death i mean that too how can i help raise awareness and if ur not the worlds leading in ur proffesion its nt rite u shud b ur totaly correct always i admire n apreciate ur life savin work ur fantastic fankyou 4 savin my life id decided at 4am i ad no more fite or hope i wernt suicidal i was gona walk n walk n hopefuly vanish neway i didnt care because id lost all hope of getin t help i need n wifout im damagin others ur a hero unbelivably rite always total admiration x

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