Treatment Related Considerations

I am sometimes asked to provide professional consultation reports on materials submitted to me for review.  In one of these consultation reports I recently described treatment-related considerations surrounding the resolution of a cross-generational coalition of the child with one parent (the allied and supposedly “favored parent”) against the other parent (the targeted-rejected parent).

These treatment-related considerations are based in established principles and models of psychotherapy, and I thought that they may be of broader general interest to targeted parents and other professionals.

I have therefore excised this general-description section of my consultation report and posted a version of it on my website:

Cross-Generational Coalition: General Treatment-Related Considerations

Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857

2 thoughts on “Treatment Related Considerations”

  1. Hi Dr. Childress,

    You have described an awesome and brief description for treatment here … however I ran across “The Strategic-Behavioral-Systems Intervention: Theoretical Foundations and Implementation Guidelines” (somewhere today) which is 29 pages and so thorough I am astounded.

    I am seriously contemplating submitting it tomorrow as an exhibit for our magistrate to ORDER AS A SOLUTION at our court hearing next Wednesday: yes a hearing for interference on June 15, 2006, 6 months after filing for relief. We have nothing to lose by sharing this information and everything to gain by educating the magistrate. In turn, she can inform her fellow magistrate and judges! Just last week I discovered we only have 4 judges and 2 magistrates for our entire Orange County here in Florida; thus the delays and sadness. Our poor kiddos! I thank you over and over for your ‘just in time’ posts you generate for us authentics. Question: is your 29 page Implementation the better document to file (a sort of amicus brief).

    Speaking of our abused kiddos; a different topic yet related . . . because our generous supporter Senator Geraldine Thompson is running for Congress, she told me herself the day before we had scheduled and she cancelled our conference call that the child psychological abuse reporting reform would have to wait until March 2017. WELL, I caught on quickly that she could not bring this legislation with her up to the White House because it is a State matter. I spoke with Clifton Addison and he personally called his colleague, Carolyn Austin, aide to Representative Bruce Antone. He asked for her support on our behalf to continue Senator Thompson’s work! Tomorrow morning I am meeting with Carolyn and another one of his aides. Anyway, I told the Senator I would bring her copies of Foundations, Professional Consultation, and the ABAB Remedy—and I just received another set in the mail to share with Rep Antone’s staff tomorrow. What could be better?

    I am praying daily for daily miracles and they are forthcoming; obviously your post is one of them!


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