The July Flying Monkey Newsletter

The July edition of the Flying Monkey Newsletter is now available on my website:

Flying Monkey Newsletter: July 1, 2016

This edition deals with the assertion that the pathology of “parental alienation” is controversial and not accepted within establishment mental health.

The focus of the newsletter is on professional competence. 

Mental health professionals are not allowed – by established standards of professional practice – to be ignorant and incompetent.  Targeted parents need to begin holding mental health professionals accountable for professional competence.

Mental health professionals cannot be held accountable to Gardnerian PAS. 

Mental health professionals CAN be held accountable for the standard and established, fully accepted and scientifically supported constructs and principles of an attachment-based model for the pathology.

Targeted parents need to begin holding mental health professionals accountable to standards of professional competence in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of their families.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857

4 thoughts on “The July Flying Monkey Newsletter”

  1. How do you hold them accountable? We filed an extensive detailed complaint against the “professional” therapist who betrayed father and son alike and after several months dithering we got a response that they found NO FAULT despite the fact that this therapist wasted over a year providing useless “counseling” and then at the last minute told the court “oops” I just discovered professional standards prohibit my filing a report.

  2. They have their minds made up and the idea that the alienated family members have emotional and mental problems in the inability to dealing with abandonment and loss is pervasive within and without the psyche community. I have no adults to turn to for any kind of healing. I am in NYC. If anyone is here, I have the psychologial illness of needing to correct and mend the relationship with my daughter. After eight years, just the other day I had a professor and social service provider ask me if I wanted my daughter to come back and live with me while asking her about the process of healing from trauma. It is an effort in futility. The pushback is so hard and we are outnumbered.
    I personally have no advocate that can even help me to “get over” the loss of my daughter, much less, reconciliation. Further, I have recently been told that even if anyone says that their were false accusatuons in future, it will be ME who coerced that…
    Living the nightmare.

    1. My husband lost his two children two years ago who were 7 and 10 at the time due to PAS. It got significantly worse when the mother moved them 800 miles away. There were also false accusations that were dismissed a year or so before that. When he went out to visit them, their mother would not let him spend time with them alone and placed an enormous amount of pressure on him to sign adoption papers. After seeing the hatred and unfamiliarity that his children now had for him, he thought that it would be best to sign the papers so that the children could have a stable life without the mother continually putting pressure on them to have disdain for him. The mother promised that she would still let him have contact with them if he signed the papers, but unfortunately now they are gone forever and will never see the other side of the biological family again. I’m sure the mother is telling the children that he is a bad man that gave up on them to this day. :’-(

  3. One of the most difficult challenges I faced as the targeted parent is the persistent attempts made by the narcissistic/borderline parent to undermine therapy. He accomplished this by telling his children that therapists were a bunch of losers with unresolved issues and incapable of helping others. He also persuaded my son that he didn’t need therapy. The problem was me. Not surprisingly he sent a letter to the psychologist i had retained advising that he refused to pay for therapy.
    this should have been a red flag to the psychologist that the father was trying to alienate my son. But he completely missed it.

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