Erasing Family

Last night I had the opportunity to attend a fundraising event for a documentary currently being filmed about “parental alienation” called Erasing Family.

At this event, the movie’s director showed rough cuts of some of their filming to date, stories told by targeted parents and by their now reunited children.  Most powerful were the statements by the now-reunited children.  Strong stuff.  Good stuff.

This is exactly the professional grade documentary that needs to get made.

They need funding.  They need our support.

They are in the process of filming.  Go to their website.  Read about this documentary.  I strongly urge you to contribute – I did.  This documentary will be your voice, this documentary will be the authentic voice of your beloved children speaking clearly about their experience of alienation and recovery.

Things are changing.  I feel it.  The universe is shifting on its axis.  The stars are aligning.  The process of solution is beginning to emerge.

We stand on the battlefield, fighting for your children.  The time is now.  The battle is now.  The time to end the family nightmare of “parental alienation” is now.

There are many fronts to the battle.

The APA:  There is the demand to change the position statement of the American Psychological Association on “parental alienation” and for the APA to hold a high level conference of experts in attachment theory, personality pathology, family systems therapy, and developmental trauma to produce a white paper on attachment-related pathology surrounding divorce.  The APA is reportedly developing a working group on the issue.  Let them hear from you.

Professional Competence:  There is the ongoing battle to obtain professional competence case-by-case in the assessment and accurate diagnosis of attachment-related pathology surrounding divorce, in which all ignorant and incompetent psychologists will be placed on notice that they will – with 100% certainty – face a licensing board complaint for a breech of Standards 9.01a and 2.01a of the APA ethics code for professional incompetence if they fail to appropriately assess and accurately diagnose attachment-related pathology surrounding divorce..

Legislation:  There is the legislative front and changes to the child abuse reporting laws to specifically cite psychological child abuse and pathogenic parenting as reportable under mandated reporting laws.  There are some interesting developments in this area that I will address later.

Media Attention:   The documentary Erasing Family will advance the solution to “parental alienation” light years when it is finished and released.  I urge you to come together.  Support the making of this documentary.  Visit their website.  Learn about the documentary.  Contribute.

In “parental alienation” there are so many ways in which you are made powerless.  No one listens.  No one hears you.  No one believes you.  You are alone.  Erasing Family will bring your voice into the mainstream dialogue.  It is the voice of all targeted parents.  What’s more, through the voices of recovered children it also provides the voices of your authentic children were they free to speak.

I urge all targeted parents, and all the family members you can muster, your parents, your brothers, your sisters, your aunts and uncles, go to and support this documentary with a contribution.

Erasing Family will bring your voice into the mainstream dialogue of our culture.  It is time to bring this hidden family pathology out into the open light of day.  Erasing Family is the voice of all targeted parents, and it is the authentic voice of your children.

We stand now upon the battlefield, fighting for your children.  The time is now.  The battle is now.  The time to end the family nightmare of “parental alienation” is now.

In order to solve “parental alienation” for any one family, we must solve “parental alienation” for ALL children and ALL families.

Come together and become a single voice for change.  Erasing Family will be that voice.  Your voice.  And the voice of your authentic children.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Psychologist, PSY 18857

18 thoughts on “Erasing Family”

  1. Dr. Childress, You have the word child in your last name and this is not a coincident, you were meant to be on this mission to help millions of people like myself and others. I am a targeted Mom . Blessings from THE UNIVERSE are reining down on you and you are following the inspiration from this POWER OF LOVE . LOVE and Hope are in the air. Your such a sweet man.My PAIN has vanished since you have come into my life reading this site and also listening to Ryan Thomas who is also working on this sad position us parent alienated people face in our lives. GOD BLESS YOU . I live in Ontario Canada. YOUR ON THE LEADING and you are going to change old thought to NEW THOUGHT.

    1. This is very much the next step forward and ties in with the great work you have done and continue to do .
      I will indeed review ERAZING FAMILY website and trust that the progress being made so constructively
      will sooner rather than later will permeate the legal and health departments .

    2. My sentiments entirely. You have said exactly as I feel too Jackie. Only yesterday I wrote to him expressing deep gratitude and this morning I read this wonderful news. Indeed the tide of emotional estrangement is turning. Definitely contribute, anything to get my daughters awareness focused to see her psychologist has the wrong interpretation.

  2. I’ll support this in every way I can – I’ve already written my letters to the board of the APA, and signed the petition. I am always looking for more actionable ways to fight back against ABPA, but am limited to praying for my children so often. Thank you.

    Regarding: “There is the legislative front and changes to the child abuse reporting laws to specifically cite psychological child abuse and pathogenic parenting as reportable under mandated reporting laws.” – This is so important – I have been speaking for years to “mandated reporters” who have access to my daughters, teachers, guidance counselors, school admin, their pediatrician, etc. And have been consistently frustrated as there is nothing actionable that comes from it. I have perversely hoped (sic) that I would not be fighting psychological abuse, but physical and/or sexual, which would trigger a mandated report and begin to shine a light on the pathology.

    1. This week I’m planning to go to my California state representative’s district office and bring a box of muffins, just to meet and schmooze with the district office staff. I’ll bring along the legislative letter that’s posted on my website (Legislative Amendment), and I’ll talk about parents who have been erased from lives of their children’s following divorce. Then I’ll give it some time and do it again. Then I’ll give it some time and do it again. Just get to know the district staff at my representative’s office. We’ll see where it goes. All erased parents should do this. Get to know the district staff of your local state representative. I’ll have more to say about this as things move forward.

  3. I THANK YOU for your love & focus towards fighting this cause. I am an alienated mother, and most recent grandmother. Ironically, my daughter is a School Social Worker. However, due to the severe brainwashing she doesn’t understand what has happened. I hope and pray, everyday, that these efforts can extend toward educating the legal system & our schools throughout the world. My intent is to start small — please let me know how I can be involved in compiling some sort of PA Info packet to later be sent out. God Bless you and everything you do!

  4. Done Mr. Childress!! Thank you so much for your words and ongoing engagement to this cause. My hope is that things are changing too in Mexico, I have being trying at least but the feeling of not being heard nor seen by anyone including the court system, family members, friends, doctors, psychologists, and the society at large is there… I keep going and never surrender, for my children and ALL children. Thank you Paola Bustamante


  5. What about erasing siblings? The number of orphaned adult siblings who erase one sibling after estate issues? I am one. It feels like a Holocost not to have my parents or any siblings.

    1. The family systems construct is called an “emotional cutoff” and is extensively described by the renowned family therapist Murray Bowen

      The issues surrounding the attachment-related pathology of “parental alienation” represent a specific form of “emotional cutoff” (Bowen Concept 6) that includes problems in the multi-generational transmission (Bowen Concept 5) of attachment trauma from the allied narcissistic/(borderline) parent to the current family relationships.

      The issue your asking about, in which one sibling “cuts off” a relationship with another sibling is another form of variant of these family systems constructs.

      Any emotional cutoff in the family indicates a multi-generational issue involving problematic “differentiation” of self within the family. One family systems approach to treatment would be to construct a family genogram (google genogram; Wikipedia and images will describe it). A genogram is a visual depiction of the generations using squares for men and circles for women. In the process of jointing constructing a genogram with the client(s), the issues and relationship patterns at each generational level are discussed and examined for their impact on the following generations.

  6. Thank you so much for existing as I haven’t seen or heard from my daughter in 4 yrs. I saw your organization on OC Housewives and I’ve cried with Tamela Judge. It’s a very private pain with me and I’ve felt alone for years. I’d like to get involved.

  7. You talk about how this group needs funding and support, but you don’t talk about how a parent can go to start to share this lonely pain that has been eating them from the inside out, being alienated from their children. These ate adult children and have grown up their late teens into their young adulthood without their father. I am the fiance of this father and I live with this with him, it is very painful to ser his sadness.

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