Florida Legislation to Amend Child Abuse Reporting Law

Susan Remus – remarkable achievement.

Florida State Senator Victor Torres – Much respect and deep appreciation to you.  You are truly a worthy and steadfast advocate for the healthy emotional and psychological development of our children, and for the protection of all children from all forms of child abuse.  You have our deepest respect and appreciation.

Florida State Senator Victor Torres has filed legislation to amend the mandated child abuse reporting laws in Florida to specifically identify child psychological abuse as warranting a mandated child abuse report, explicitly specifying the construct of parental alienation in the draft legislation, and defining the construct of parental alienation using the three diagnostic indicators of AB-PA.  What’s more, the legislation also requires the Florida Board of Psychology to mandate continuing education for psychologists in psychological child abuse “including, but not limited to, abuse through the use of manipulation or parental alienation.”

Read the legislation:

The Florida Senate: SB 1432: Child Psychological Abuse

An attachment-based model of “parental alienation” (AB-PA) provides the rock-solid Foundations of established psychological principles and constructs on which we can stand and fight for your children.  And stand and fight we will.

This is all the work, determined persistence, and love of Susan Remus.  Much respect and appreciation to you.  Your children should be very proud of their mom.  And all children are grateful to you.  With their voice, I say “thank you.”

Now let’s get this law passed.  “Parental alienation” is not a child custody issue, it is a child protection issue.

The winds of change are coming.  This nightmare ends.

Susan’s wonderful, but she’s not miraculous.  She’s just one parent – just like you.  You have more power than you know.  AB-PA gives you the rock solid Foundations on which to stand and fight for your children.

Because of parents just like you, a formal Working Group is being created in the APA to address the issue of revising the APA position statement on “parental alienation.”  The winds of change are coming.

Because of grandparents just like you, on June 1 when I’m back in Boston with Dorcy to present at the AFCC Convention, I’ve been invited by Mass. State Representative Chris Walsh, another staunch ally and advocate for protecting children from child abuse, to provide a briefing for state legislators and their aides on the family tragedy of erased families and erased grandparents.  The winds of change are coming.

We should all be deeply appreciative of the support for our children offered by Senator Torres and Representative Walsh.  Their support will change the lives of all children across the country by serving as a model for what child protection means.  Please reach out to them in an email or letter and let them know how much you truly appreciate what they are doing for you and your children and grandchildren.  They are truly great men who are changing the lives of children.

The time is now.  We stand on the battlefield for your children now.  This nightmare must end.  Now.  You have more power than you know.  Come together into a single voice for change; together you can become an unstoppable force for change.  Your voice can make a difference.  Right Susan?

Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857

15 thoughts on “Florida Legislation to Amend Child Abuse Reporting Law”

  1. Oh my Gosh! I would love to come to Boston with you to share what the horrific Court system allowed. The abuse of the Children, legal abuse, psychological, mental and physical abuse. The Family Court system is a circle of toxic abuse! I live in Sudbury Mass- if I can help or join in to advocate or share my story I would in a heartbeat! Your writings hit this issue dead on! Things need to change!

    1. Diane,
      The Middlesex chapter of Alienated Grandparents Anon was instrumental in introducing Rep Chris Walsh to Dr, Childress and we would love to hear your story. We meet the 3rd Thurs each month 11am at Faith Lutheran Church, 311 Broadway Cambridge MA.
      I’m in Framingham.
      Nicola Cataldo

      1. I’m overwhelmed- been through Hell and Not Back- my poor 88 year old Mom has no support- she keeps me strong! please know I’ll fight the fight for Justice! I’ve been so severely abused as have others! That said.. tiredbut not giving up! I appreciate all of you for bringing the Attention to this topic!😂

  2. Congratulations Susan and Dr. Childress. I’m so happy that Susan’s hard work paid off. This is really empowering.

    Massive respect to Dr. Childress

    New York next

    1. We’ll see if NY is next. 🙂 After many months of showing up and talking to many people NC is cookin’ up some interest from some state reps and the FLA breakthrough might be the thing to push it along!

  3. Wow Congratulations I’m Beyond excited with the new legislation in Florida. It’s beyond what we expected

    Dr. Childress, I know you’re very busy, but please could you help with theNY legislation.


  4. Blessings from THE UNIVERSE to Susan and Dr. Childress . OH YEAH BABY !!! Your ROCKING AND A ROLLING now . MIRACLES are happening.

  5. Karlene Gordon – could you (or anyone else) enlighten me on efforts in NY? I would like to help however I can – I am on Long Island.

  6. For those of your not on the mailing list re the APA petition:

    APA Accepting Nominations for Working Group Members!

    Dr. Childress – not sure if you’d like to highlight this somehow, there are only a couple of day until expiration of this effort.

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