Conversations on Competence

I just posted an additional set of professional-to-professional YouTube Conversations, 8.01 – 8.04.

This sub-set series is entitled, Conversations on Competence.

These video segments are designed for me to speak directly to my professional colleagues regarding issues surrounding professional competence in the assessment and diagnosis of attachment-related pathology surrounding divorce.

This series, Conversations on Competence, along with the core series, Professional-to-Professional Conversations with Dr. Childress, offer targeted parents another potential education resource for enlightening ignorant and incompetent mental health professionals.

8.01 Conversations on Competence: Domains of Professional Competence

8.02 Conversations on Competence: Violations of Competence

8.03 Conversations on Competence: Licensing Board Complaints

8.04 Conversations on Competence: Risk Management

The core Professional-to-Professional Conversation with Dr. Childress series, along with the two Assessment Protocol Recommendation segments (4.01 Assessing the Targeted Parent; 4.02 Assessing the Allied Parent) form the platform for building professional competence and professional standards of practice in the assessment of attachment-related pathology surrounding divorce.

Introducing the Conversations on Competence series may help build professional appreciation for the importance of professional competence and for standards of professional practice in the assessment of attachment-related pathology surrounding divorce.

Our adversary is ignorance, our weapon is knowledge.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857

One thought on “Conversations on Competence”

  1. Hoping it is OK to link to another site, there is a new article posted by Paul Elam on the state of the mental health field that I thought tied in very well with the Competence issues above.

    My experience in almost a decade of dealing with various mental health professionals has been consistent with much of what he writes.

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