I Am Your Resource

The world is changing.  The solution to “parental alienation” is coming.

There is a saying in early childhood mental health that we need to give a toddler a new food 11 times before the toddler accepts it.  The first ten times, it’s too “new” – nope, won’t try it.  But on the eleventh time it’s no longer a “new” food and the toddler will give it a try.

That’s where we are right now.  We’re introducing a new food (AB-PA) to the “toddlers” of professional psychology and the family courts.

The process that is creating the solution is all within the hands of the universe.  I can feel it on so many levels.  This is not about me.  I simply have a role to play.  My role is to be your resource.  But there are so many of us who each have our roles in bringing the attachment-related pathology of “parental alienation” to an end.  My role is as a resource. 

I’ve provided you with the professional words and constructs that empower you, and that lead professional psychology back onto the established path of professional practice.


I’ve provided you with a booklet that you can give to attorneys, minor’s counsels, and Guardians ad Litem, that explains the pathology of the narcissistic parent surrounding divorce.

The Narcissistic Parent

I’ve provided you with a booklet that describes a structured and standardized six-session assessment protocol that can – and should – be used in all cases of attachment-related pathology surrounding divorce.  This is the assessment protocol that attorneys should seek from the Court.

The Assessment of Attachment-Related Pathology Surrounding Divorce

I’ve provided you with a booklet that describes a Strategic family systems intervention that the Court can order as a remedy when attachment-based “parental alienation” has been identified by the assessment.

The Contingent Visitation Schedule

I’ve provided you with a model for a family court system pilot program that will quickly and efficiently create expertise in professional psychology and knowledge of the pathology in the legal system across broad geographic jurisdictions, a pilot program model that is both flexible and completely replicable.

The Key to Solving High-Conflict Divorce in the Family Courts: Proposal for a Pilot Program in the Family Law Courts

I have provided you with online seminars that describe the pathology.

California Southern University, Master Lecture Series
Parental Alienation: An Attachment-Based Model (7/18/14)

California Sothern University, Master Lecture Series
Treatment of Attachment-Based Parental Alienation (11/21/14)

I have provided you with the diagnostic assessment instruments needed to identify the pathology and monitor the child’s symptoms.

Diagnostic Checklist for Pathogenic Parenting

Parenting Practices Rating Scale

Parent-Child Relationship Rating Scale

By returning us to standard and established constructs and principles of professional psychology, I have activated ethical code Standards to be used in seeking professional competence.

APA Ethics Code Standard 2.01a:  Boundaries of Competence

APA Ethics Code Standard 9.01a:  Bases for Assessment

APA Ethics Code Standard 2.03:  Maintaining Competence

APA Ethics Code Standard 3.04: Avoiding Harm

Professional Competence

I have provided you with a booklet that can be given to mental health professionals which describes the pathology in professional language and reminds them of their ethical obligations for professional competence.

Professional Consultation

You have been provided with legislature testimony that is available online for reference.

Penn. Bipartisan House Children and Youth Committee: Dr. Childress

You have all the resources you need to solve the pathology. 

My role is simply to serve as a resource to you in solving this attachment-related family pathology.  I am not your warrior.  You are the warrior for your children.  I am your weapon.  I am your resource. That is my role.

I’ve accomplished my role.  I have provided you with all the resources you need to solve the pathology, and with the path back to established professional psychology and standards of practice.

The Solution:  The Return to Professional Practice

The Solution:  The Dominoes

This is a trauma pathology.  The attachment trauma is being passed on across generations.  In the current generation, the targeted parent is made to carry the trauma.  The targeted parent is experiencing a form of complex trauma called “traumatic grief.”

Wikipedia:  Complex Trauma

One of the consequences of this traumatic grief is a learned helplessness created by the traumatizing lack of support targeted parents receive from professional psychology and the family courts.  A psychological passivity is created in targeted parents by the traumatizing helplessness inflicted on them by the pathology of “parental alienation.”

Targeted parents must wake up, you must shake off the helplessness that has been forced upon you.  You are more powerful than you know.  But only if you come together and unite your voices in a call for change.  Alone you are powerless.   In 100 you reclaim your voice.  In 1,000 you reclaim your power.  In 10,000 you become an unstoppable force for change.  Become an unstoppable force for change. 

You have all the resources you need.

I am a lone psychologist in Southern California.  I am not your warrior.  I am your weapon.  You are the warrior.  This battle is for your children.  The time is now.  The battle is now.  The solution is at hand.

How long it takes to achieve the solution is up to you.

The pathogen seeks to keep you alone and isolated, fighting your own individual fights.  When you are kept alone and isolated, the pathogen has power.  You must come together and begin to fight for each other.  We cannot solve this in any one family until we solve this for ALL children and all families.

This fight is for each other.

The mental health system is broken.  The legal system is broken.  We must first fix the broken systems.  We start by fixing the broken mental health system, and then we leverage the mental health system to fix the broken legal system.  Step-by-step.

We fix the broken mental health system by banishing professional ignorance and incompetence and REQUIRING professional expertise.  We accomplish this by returning to the standard and established constructs and principles of professional psychology to which ALL mental health professionals can be held ACCOUNTABLE.

We then leverage Standards 2.01a and 9.01a of the APA ethics code to obtain professional competence in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of your children and families.

We establish a ground foundation for professional knowledge and expertise needed for a structured and standardized assessment of attachment-related pathology surrounding divorce .

Assessment leads to diagnosis, and diagnosis guides treatment.

Based on the ground foundational principles of professional psychology, we build a standard of practice for the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of attachment-related pathology surrounding divorce.

I have fulfilled most of my role as your resource.  You have all the resources you need to solve this pathology.  My role as your resource will be shifting.  I am going to turn my attention now to writing for professional journal publication.  This method of change is slow, too slow, so I opted for a faster approach of providing you with all the resources you need first, and once this was accomplished to then turn back to writing for professional journals.

So that is my next focus, writing for professional journals. 

I will also be turning my full attention on recruiting the APA as your ally.  The APA is an excellent professional organization, they are simply asleep.  We need to rouse them from their slumber, awaken them to your pain.  Once they awaken, they will become your allies in solving your deep family tragedies.

I will continue to present seminars in AB-PA.  I am continuing to work with Children4Tomorrow in Houston, Texas to bring a pilot program to the Houston area family courts.

I am willing to speak to state legislature committees on the pathology of “parental alienation” and its solution, as I did recently in Pennsylvania.

I will continue to fulfill my role as your resource in returning professional psychology back to established professional practice, creating the needed professional expertise, and bringing the solution to high-conflict divorce to the family courts.

But I am am not your warrior, I am your weapon.  You are the warrior for your children.  You are more powerful than you know.   Become an unstoppable force for change.

My first recommendation…

Get The Narcissistic Parent, The Assessment of Attachment-Related Pathology, and the Contingent Visitation Schedule  into the hands of every family law attorney, Guardian ad Litem, parenting coordinator, and minor’s counsel.

We are presenting a new food to the toddler.

My second recommendation…

Get The Narcissistic Parent and the AB-PA Key Solution Pilot Program into the hands of your state legislators and congressional representatives, along with the link to my Pennsylvania testimony: Penn. Committee on Youth and Children.

In 2018 we will be turning our attention to the APA.  I will need your voices.  All of your voices.  Ten thousand voices, united in a single call for change, in a single call for professional competence, in a single call to end your suffering.

The APA is a good organization.  We will be respectful and kind.  And we will be relentless – until they are awake and until they take active steps to end your suffering.

I will need your voices to awaken the APA from its slumber.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857

5 thoughts on “I Am Your Resource”

  1. Thank you, Dr. Childress. and thank you Ted Wrinch. I am working to get you in front of senior psychologists in Japan. Could you let me know if you have any objection to us making our own translations of Foundations and your Pathogenic Parenting Diagnostic Tool? Do you want some control over ‘un/authorized translations’ ?

  2. How many times have you helped me fiercely wipe away the tears and keep on. Youve saved me so I can keep trying to save my children in the midst of this severely painful time.

    Thank you so much … I’d never be where I am, in control of the trauma and pain because your words and your work brought my feet to the ground again and again…. and today, again
    When there was no one.. you were there for me.. so I could keep strong…

    You’ll never know how deep my gratitude is… and I know i speak for so many target parents…

    When you think you can’t take anymore, just go to this blog and just read these words and you will be motivated again and again then you will remember that you are, we ARE POWERFUL, and that’s what it takes. When you’re feeling so alone and you don’t know who to turn to who understands, and you’re even afraid to talk about it, it’s really so so so so important to know that there is this voice that is stronger than the others and it lifts us up and I’m literally crying right now because I’m a baby, please tears are every single thing you’ve ever done for us I can’t thank you enough and I will try not to get snot and tears on my phone, but lastly Ill say, that I think that you’ve saved the world in so many ways…. its certain. Thank you…

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