I have now had a threat relayed to me back-channel that if the criticism of Karen Woodall by people does not stop,

“…there is consideration of complaints to Police and regulatory authorities about your Posts.”

Here is the full threat that was delivered to me by a supposed “friend” and ally:

“The debate has now provoked such abuse and harassment from the public that there is consideration of complaints to Police and regulatory authorities about your Posts.”

I am being threatened in order to silence you… a message delivered to me back-channel by a supposed “friend” and ally that if I don’t act to silence your criticism of Karen Woodall then I will face “complaints to Police and regulatory authorities” about my Posts.

Apparently, we are not allowed to criticize Karen Woodall.  We must all accept what she says without question, criticism, or debate.


Do I care about the threat?  Not one bit.  There is nothing in my posts that is problematic on either legal or regulatory grounds.

But I want to be clear, criticizing Karen Woodall is now dangerous.  I have been put on notice that I face legal retaliation against me if targeted parents continue to criticize Karen Woodall.  The threat is designed to induce me to silence you.

I don’t care about the threat to me… bring it.  But if I am now at risk, then that means that you are now at risk too.  It has become dangerous to criticize Karen Woodall.  If you criticize Karen Woodall you may face legal retaliation.  Be careful.  Criticizing Karen Woodall is dangerous.

This threat has now been made directly to me back-channel by a supposed “friend.”  I am passing it along.  Do not criticize Karen Woodall.  She will not abide criticism.  She will retaliate against critics to silence them.  Be careful.

Do not criticize Karen Woodall.

And my offer still stands for a professional level discussion of the pathology:

Conversation Between Karen Woodall & Dr. Childress

Not Relevant

At this point, Karen Woodall is not relevant to a professional-level discussion of the issues.  The only thing that matters is a solution to the pathology.  I don’t care how may angels can dance on the head of a pin.  Until Karen Woodall describes a path to a solution using the Gardnerian eight diagnostic symptoms, she is not relevant to a professional-level discussion.

I describe in comprehensive detail the path to the solution using the Bowlby-Minuchin-Beck model of AB-PA:

The Solution: The Return to Professional Practice

The Solution: The Dominoes

We are going to enact this solution.  We begin with a return to standard and established constructs and principles of professional psychology.  From this professional foundation, we are going to establish professional standards of practice for the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of attachment-related pathology surrounding divorce (AB-PA).  Once we establish this ground baseline for professional competence, we will then move into establishing professional expertise.

The Gardnerian PAS “experts” are simply obstructionists (describe the path to a solution using the Gardnerian PAS diagnostic model), and they are quickly moving into irrelevancy, and actually they have already arrived at irrelevancy.

Karen Woodall is dangerous.  She will not abide criticism.  Do not criticize Karen Woodall.  Allow her to recede into irrelevancy.  We are moving on into the solution without her.

And Karen… describe your path to a solution using the Gardnerian PAS diagnostic model.  The only thing that is relevant is the path to the solution.  Describe your proposed path to the solution – or recede into irrelevancy.

Do not criticize Karen Woodall.  Not because it places me at risk.  I’m fine.  But because it places you at risk.

The Garnderian PAS “experts” are not relevant.  Until they describe a path to a solution using the Gardnerian PAS diagnostic model, they are not relevant to a professional-level discussion.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857

7 thoughts on “Dangerous”

  1. Outrageous! And IRRATIONAL! Karen should put a stop to this bullying and tell her supporters to stop the small minded comments and refocus on the ISSUE : THE CHILDREN!

  2. Outrageous! And IRRATIONAL! Karen should put a stop to this bullying and tell her supporters to stop the small minded comments and refocus on the ISSUE : THE CHILDREN!

  3. Karen Woodall was never on my list of “experts” because she is not. When you read her stuff, you wonder how the Brits are lulled into believing it either. There are intelligent and well-educated people in the U.K……how and why do they accept the Karen Woodalls of this world as the bearers of truth or expertise? Maybe standards have slipped in this internet age, but my God, when you compare the level of Craig Childress and Karen Woodall in this field, there is no comparison! He is in a higher league altogether. If not for her toe-hold in the U.K. system, I would not consider her worth the bother of arguing with.

    And isn’t that all the rage these days — if someone does not agree with you, you scream “harassment” and say you will make it a police matter? That is exhibiting low-ness supreme. I am not surprised. When they cannot win arguments on their own merits, they stoop to false allegations and playing the victim. There is the Group-Mind again. Karen Woodall just lost her final vestiges of respect from me. And debate? No, I do not believe Karen Woodall could properly debate. It becomes a game of look-what-a-victim-I-am. And SHE considers herself up to the Herculean task of saving children from Attachment-based Parental Alienation? Oh, my.

    Dr. Childress, I recommend you take a leaf out of the book of Canadian U. of Toronto professor and author (“12 Rules for Life”) Jordan Peterson. See his BBC Channel 4 interview with Cathy Newman, who set out to underhandedly destroy him, but he wiped the floor with her. She also cried “harassment” and “I need police protection.” Seems to be the fad just now. Much of the civilized world applauded her defeat on camera. A crushing victory against the nonsense of political correctness and modern totalitarianism. Ms. Woodall, take note. Free speech and democracy will prevail.

  4. Dr. Childress. Please consider stopping posting things like this. To what end is the meaning of this? Is Karen Woodhall or the UK government really going to go after individual citizens of other countries, or even their own? Perhaps so if there are actual, real threats of violence that need to be taken seriously – and in those cases it would be justified. Please work with your peers, on behalf of all of us parents dealing with these issues. As someone who can’t seem to get it right in my personal life, in the professional world (military no less – senior officer, USCG), I have to negotiate, lead, etc., and though sometimes a tough line needs to be taken, the confrontative approach like this would get me relieved at worst, at best I would not be promoted to the next rank. You are in a sense one of my heroes. I met you in person and spoke to you. I travelled to Dallas in 2017 specifically to hear you speak. Please stop taking 2 steps forward, and then up to 2 back with this approach. If you are 100% right then Karen Woodhall, from what I have read, is not 100% wrong, because there IS overlap. Please, on behalf of us parents, try to work outwards from that middle ground. This confrontative approach makes me, in particular, lose hope.

  5. I like what you said. I was under the impression that the comments were coming from her stan camp… oops..
    I read it through fully now… its just… not
    I don’t understand why she wont JOIN in solidarity..
    I sent her clip.. asking her to unite. She has so much TO GAIN ! She wants TO HELP KIDS AND PARENTS! this is how.. i respect Karen’s work and her compassion and her agenda (the families).. but i dont understand her refusal to join forces… we nneed her! I dont get it… i sent her a kind little clip.. if she watches it THEN GREAT.. but shes likely a very busy lady.. i just felt compelled to :


    Ita Boring.. but im trying to get to her.. at least ib any way i can contribute
    The irrelevancy thing is true…. it ALMOST seems like shes too proud…

    Dr childress isnt here to be nice and olay nice… hes assertive and we appreciate it.. your comment above mone is PURELY irrational and emotional… what is the point of building a mud house when you can build one from MODERN AND EFFECTIVE materials? The point is THE KIDS – if youre wanting to solve thiis excruciating and painful problem, then its with xhildress. Don’t fight with copernicus about the world – don’t insist that fscts are not what gets shit done!

    Childress uses facts.. established and well researched data completwly availavle and entirely from mental healths work… and since we are all getting ass raped by the gardner model i REALLY dont think we ahould juat “KEEP ON TRYIN WITH IT”

    If you did that at work ” i think we should find success in our company by ONLY hiring men ” kind of logic, youd mot only be seen as a caveman, bt also rigidly small minded snd slow… theres just NOTHING that can be said… and yhats why it looks immature and petty… i think Karen can do better.. i think that shes emotionally invested… Karen- we need you.. your name is heavy… but it wont be if you dont act in solidarity… we GODAMN NEED YOU NOW… AND YOU NEED US TOO… “irrelevancy” is no way to go out… please put your invested heart aside! We need you – you’re the Beyonce of Parental “Alienation” – Beyonce left Destinys child… and shes a icon… if she didnt go solo… “irrelevancy”… we. Need. You. You MUST JOIN CHILDRESS -IT’S THE WAY TO HELP US ALL AND FAST!

    This one is for Dr. WARSHAK


    It includes Googling parental “Alienation” and clicking on the “expert” pages.. and then doing a word search heres the SUPER UNACCEPTABLE AND HIGHLY IREESPONSIBLE screenshot collages to make a point – these webpages are everywhere! NOW THATS WHATS DANGEROUS! We shoudld all do some to get that mess off the internet!

    Check it out if you’d like:

    Its the first of many i hope!

  7. I found what I consider a shockingly irresponsible stance on the websites of Tina Swithin and company, who had previously published her stories of divorce from an NPD husband — hers was a case of fairly mild Narcissistic Abuse, when all is said and done — and appears to have become popular amongst the youngish and trendy set. I also read the Roche and Richardson accounts of divorcing NPD spouses and in addition trying to protect their children from the horrors of A-B PA; the latter are the real thing. Ms. Swithin had two children, but there was no mention in her story of any Attachment-based Parental Alienation over these children. She was lucky. Her only mention of Parental Alienation was that her ex-husband yelled the term at her, and so it must mean the whole concept is bogus. There’s a thoughtful insight for you. However, I see that now she has allied herself with the Jean Mercer camp, and is insisting on opinions far beyond her own experience or knowledge. The comments from Tina Swithin and associates on Parental Alienation are enough to put us back in the dark ages. In my opinion, she is hurting families and children with her off-the-cuff views, born out of a fit of pique over her husband’s comments to her, and as far as I can tell, nothing more. This is the way damaging myths are born, in the internet age. Ms. Swithin seems to be popular at the moment — and she is certainly within her right of free speech — but when non-discerning minds take in what she has to say, the chance of truth prevailing is going to slip further. It’s a shame. Ms. Swithin does not suffer; other parents and their children do.

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