Washington, DC: Media Statements by Dr. Childress

June 6-9, Wendy Perry, Rod McCall, and I will be traveling to Washington, D.C. to deliver the Petition to the APA:

Change.org: search term “parental alienation”

The Petition to the APA

These are the statements I am prepared to provide to the media in my professional capacity as a clinical psychologist.

According to Dr. Childress…

 1.)  Children are not weapons

Children are not weapons, children should never be used as weapons in their parents’ spousal conflicts.

But that’s exactly what’s happening.  Professional psychology and the family courts are allowing, and indeed rewarding, parents who use their child as a weapon in the divorce.

Children have the right of childhood to love both parents, and to receive the love of both parents in return.

We are here to give all children that right, a healthy and normal childhood of love and affection with both parents.

2.)   Professional ignorance and incompetence

Families are being destroyed, childhoods are being destroyed, by rampant and unchecked professional ignorance and incompetence in professional psychology and the family courts, and no one is stopping the destruction of children and families.

The loving bond of shared affection between children and parents is being systematically destroyed by the spiteful malevolence of the other parent in revenge for the divorce, and professional psychology is allowing it, in fact, colluding with it.

We are asking for the help of the APA in upholding standards of professional practice in professional psychology, its own documented standards of professional practice.

Professional-level knowledge and professional competence in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of children and families is the right of all parents and children.  We are asking the APA’s support in our achieving that right for all parents, all families, and all children.

3.)  Financially motivated corruption in professional psychology

Professional psychology in the family courts is corrupt.  The mental health professionals in the family courts are financially feeding off of the suffering of children and families without ever solving anything. 

Professional psychology in the family courts is a corrupt financial system of failed professional practices.  Professional psychology knows this, and there is a conspiracy of silence in professional psychology to allow their continued feeding off of the suffering of families.

We are seeking the APA’s help in cleansing the corruption that is rampant throughout professional psychology in the family court system.  We are seeking standards of professional practice, consistent with the APA’s ethical code governing the practice of all psychologists.

It is the obligation of professional psychology to provide children and families with solution and healing through competent professional practice.  We are here to end the corruption in the family court system that feeds off of the suffering of families while never providing solution.

4.)   Abandoning children to child abuse

Alienating the child from the love of a parent is child abuse.  It is psychological child abuse.

Intentionally and malevolently destroying the child’s healthy bond of love and affection to a parent, to exact a spousal revenge for the divorce, is child abuse, psychological child abuse.

Professional psychology and the family courts are colluding with and supporting the psychological abuse of children.

We are here to end the psychological abuse of children.  We are here to restore children’s loving bonds of shared affection with both parents.

Children have the right to love, and to be loved.  We are here to protect the children from the psychological child abuse of “parental alienation” in divorce. 

Children are not weapons.  Children have the right of childhood to love both parents, and to receive the love of both parents in return.

This is my voice as a clinical psychologist.  Wendy and Rod will bring the voice of parents and children to Washington, D.C… 17,482 signatures on the Petition to the APA brings the voice of parents and families to Washington, D.C.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857


One thought on “Washington, DC: Media Statements by Dr. Childress”

  1. Thank you so much for putting forward this voice. I hope we can see change here in Canada.

    I have not spent a day with my son since June 2012. We had a beautiful bond. My ex husband is a lawyer.

    With gratitude. Cavita

    On Mon, Mar 19, 2018, 12:15 PM Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based Parental Alienati

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