Everything is Seen

This pathology hides.  It’s power comes from concealment.

The antidote is light.  Everything in the open, everything disclosed.  No secrets. 

This is the time.  We know what the pathology is and we need to make it stop.  Now.  Today.  No excuses.  Professional psychology can absolutely solve this pathology.  It requires professional knowledge and expertise, but we can absolutely solve it.

So why aren’t we?  A: Because of profound and rampant professional ignorance and incompetence in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of attachment-related family pathology surrounding divorce.

Clinical Definition 1: Family Systems

The child’s “triangulation” into the spousal conflict through the formation of a “cross-generational coalition” with one parent against the other parent, that results in an “emotional cutoff” in the child’s relationship with the targeted parent.

Clinical Definition 2: Attachment Trauma

The trans-generational transmission of attachment trauma from the childhood of a narcissistic/(borderline) parent to the current family relationships, mediated by the personality disorder pathology of the parent that is itself a product of this parent’s childhood attachment trauma.

June 6-9, we are taking your voice to the American Psychological Association.  You have the right to professional knowledge and competence in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of your children and families.  We are asking that the APA become your ally in achieving that.

APA & Washington, D.C.

I am beginning my outreach to the American Psychological Association asking to schedule an appropriate handoff of the Petition to the APA to a representative of the APA. 

The Board of Directors for the American Psychological Association is meeting June 8-12.  I am respectfully requesting of the APA the possibility of a meeting with a representative from the Board of Directors to hear your voice, 17,817 strong and growing, as carried by Wendy and Rod, with my professional support.

Professional decorum typically keeps negotiations private.  However, not with this pathology.  This  pathology hides in concealment and darkness, and it’s malevolent.  With this pathology, everything must be in the open, everything must be entirely visible.  When everything is in the open, the pathogen can be seen.

I am therefore blogging the outreach letter I sent to the American Psychological Association requesting a meeting June 6-9th to receive the Petition to the APA.  I sent it to several contacts identified by Howie and to the entire Board of Directors.

Letter to the APA:

I am a clinical psychologist and APA member.  I am also the author of the Petition to the American Psychological Association posted to Change.org in January, 2018.  The Petition to the APA currently has over 17,000 signatures since January, 2018.

Petition to the APA

During the first week of June (6/6 through 6/9), a delegation comprised of myself and two parent and child advocates, Wendy Perry and Rod McCall, will be traveling to the APA offices in Washington, D.C. to present this Petition to the APA.   The voices of thousands of parents are reaching out to the APA for help.

Wendy Perry is a leading parent and child advocate for families involved in post-divorce conflict surrounding child custody, and Rod McCall is a parent-child advocate and speaker, having lost his son to a murder-suicide by the mother because of this devastating family pathology surrounding divorce and child custody.

We are reaching out to the APA at this time to explore planning and scheduling for a meeting with a representative of the American Psychological Association during this period from June 6-9 to receive the Petition to the APA. 

We are aware that the Board of Directors for the APA is meeting from June 8-12 in Washington, D.C., and, if possible, we would respectfully request to meet with a representative of the Board of Directors, either on June 7th prior to the start of the BoD meeting (to limit our intrusion into the scheduled agenda for the BoD), or on June 8th the first day of the BoD meeting if this is gauged to be more appropriate.

We are asking that this request for a meeting be forwarded to the appropriate representatives within the American Psychological Association to discuss scheduling for our delivery of the Petition to the APA during the first week of June.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to working with the American Psychological Association.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857

Wendy Perry
Parent & Child Advocate

Rod McCall
Parent & Child Advocate

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