Pruter: Higher Purpose Parenting

I just finished the nine-week Higher Purpose Parenting course from Dorcy Pruter.  I am immensely impressed by the quality of her professional work and for what she’s accomplished.  Dorcy does stuff that I didn’t think was possible… until I see her do it.  Oh.  I get it.   Wow.  That’s really impressive.

I’m a clinical psychologist who knows a lot of psychology stuff.  Everything Dorcy says in Higher Purpose Parenting is true, and I can support everything she says at a professional level of explanation.  What’s truly impressive is that I’ve never seen these particular constructs woven together in this way. 

As a clinical psychologist, her weaving of constructs was like being on a roller coaster, I recognized every single construct she was using, but holy cow I’ve never seen them arranged in that pattern and at that speed.  Whooosh, hold on psychologists, you’re in for a conceptual ride.

It’s skill based.  Dorcy teaches skills which, when used, will create certain types of change.  The skills Dorcy teaches are catalysts, and very interesting catalysts that activate extremely powerful change agents. 

She starts with some highly powerful skills, which leads into opening important change factors, and she finishes with spiritual skill sets that will open amazing change processes.  And I repeat, everything Dorcy says in Higher Purpose Parenting is true, and I can explain it all at a professional level of analysis.

The thing is, I’ve never seen anything like what Dorcy does and has accomplished.  From my world of clinical psychology (normal carbon-based life forms), what Dorcy does is a silicon-based life form.  It is unlike anything I’ve seen.  And it is absolutely true, and she’s accomplished something incredibly impressive.

Professional psychology needs to become aware of what Dorcy Pruter is doing.  It is different, and it is impressive.  It is catalytic.  Professional psychology heals.  We use synthesizing meme-structures.  Dorcy teaches skills.  She uses catalytic meme-structures.

Catalytic meme-structures are extremely powerful but very hard to construct, because catalysts work in sequence and if any aspect of the sequencing of catalysts is wrong, the whole thing crashes and zero happens.

But if the catalytic meme structures are correct and in the proper sequence, look out.  Catalytic meme-structures can be incredibly powerful change agents.  Much faster and more complete than healing meme structures.  With catalytic meme-structures, healing takes place, but not in the same way.  It’s a mindfulness, transformative kind of understanding insight healing. 

Professional psychology needs to see this.  We can’t do this yet.  The mind of professional psychology is going to be disoriented at first.  Once it processes what she’s doing, I suspect they’re going to be highly intrigued, and interested in exploring other possible applications of a catalytic approach to change. 

I can’t wait until I have the chance to serve as a conceptual conduit from what Dorcy is doing with her workshops to professional psychology.  I’m a clinical psychologist.  I know a lot of psychology stuff.  Professional psychology is going to be impressed by what Dorcy has accomplished.  There will be haters, no doubt.  Always are.  And Dorcy has her beloved flying monkeys.  And she goes into spiritual meme structures, which can always generate controversy no matter.

And what Dorcy Pruter has accomplished is truly impressive professional work.  Congratulations, Dorcy.  Impressive work.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857

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