Dorcy & Dr. C Seminar in Washington DC

It is with excitement and great pleasure that I announce a 4-hour seminar with Dorcy Pruter and Dr. Childress in Washington, DC on Saturday, June 9 at the Darcy Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton.  Any hotel that includes the name, “Curio Collection” makes me smile.  Registration is through the Childress Institute for Child Development Website.

Dorcy Pruter & Dr. Childress
Parental Alienation:  Assessment, Diagnosis, Solution


A 4-hour seminar with Dorcy Pruter and Dr. Childress is guaranteed to be powerful.  There are limited seats.

I tried to keep the cost of the seminar as inexpensive as possible to cover expenses in hopes of bringing the cost within the reasonable range of parents.

The seminar will be directed toward mental health professionals and family law attorneys, but the information will be highly valuable to parents as well.  If we have only limited participation from the AFCC membership, then Dorcy and I will adjust the content more toward parents… we’ll work the room.

On Saturday, June 9th at the Darcy Hotel in Washington DC, Dorcy Pruter and Dr. Childress will present the solution to “parental alienation” from start to finish, from assessment through to solution.

If you are a mental health professional or family law attorney, you will learn about the AB-PA pilot program for the family courts in Houston, you will learn about assessment and diagnosis of attachment-related family pathology surrounding divorce, you will learn about the Contingent Visitation Schedule as a remedy solution, and you will learn about how Dorcy and her coaches bring solutions to restoring a healthy family and authentic child.

If you are a parent, you will learn about the steps that are needed to solve the pathology in your family, from obtaining proper mental health assessment, to seeking court orders for the components of the solution, to collaborating with mental health professionals in achieving the solution. 

And then there’s the Higher Purpose Parenting class offered by Dorcy… a solution that does not involve therapists or attorneys.  Dorcy will describe this class and how parents can reunite with their children despite the pathology of the allied parent.  Pretty impressive stuff.

Dorcy & Dr. Childress, 6/9/18 at the Darcy Hotel in Washington DC.  Solution, from start to finish.  Guaranteed powerful information.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857


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