PBS Space Time

There are marks along the path, events of significance.  I believe the Australian Amicus Submission represents one of these marker points, a landmark to guide the path of solution.

I am taking this opportunity to speak to others, not to you. I will speak to a line segment they already see.

I seek knowledge, and I have acquired knowledge.  I will discuss knowledge another time, perhaps.  I merely want to note a passing landmark, that can provide guidance across multiple levels, both now and later.

I will reference only one link.  I do not wish to detract from current focus.  Life moves through now, we have our tasks, our roles.  I do not wish to distract focus, and yet I want to speak to those who will come later, who will see from hindsight, rather than foresight.

Markers, events within a broader flow.

I will reference only one link, I’m not speaking to you.

PBS Space Time: Are Space and Time an Illusion?

Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857

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