Vitae Review: Dorcy Pruter

It’s time I examined the professional vitae of Dorcy Pruter.

Ms. Pruter is in a different category, she is not a psychologist, she is not licensed as a psychologist, she does not have a doctoral degree in psychology.

I have previously reviewed the vitae of Dr. Sullivan.  I found it wanting from the vantage of professional psychology.  I’m hoping for clarification of my ethical concerns from Dr. Sullivan.  I doubt I will receive it.  There seems to be a prevalent attitude surrounding court-involved family conflict that if you simply ignore something then it doesn’t exist.

Fair’s fair, my next review will be for Dorcy Pruter’s vitae, also a prominent professional working in the field of court-involved family conflict.

Dorcy Pruter is not a psychologist.  She is a businesswoman and a professional family, parenting, and life coach.  She is also a certified family mediator.  She is the creator and developer of several family conflict interventions and custody conflict resolution programs, including;

The High Road Workshop

The High Road to Family Reunification Workshop was developed by Dorcy Pruter from her personal background, her study with professionals, and her professional collaborations over the years.  It is a four-day psycho-educational workshop that gently and effectively recovers the child’s normal-range and healthy attachment bond to the formerly targeted-rejected parent.

In 2014, I reviewed the High Road protocol in my office.  I immediately recognized the principles of how it achieves its effectiveness.  It is not like anything we do in psychotherapy, it is an entirely different approach.

When I asked what her success rate was, I was anticipating maybe 30% based on what psychotherapy might achieve.  She replied, “I have a 100% success rate.”  I was floored, and yet, that makes complete sense.  I could see where the approach used by the workshop will work every time.  It is gentle, it releases, it’s a different approach.

I recognized my professional obligations.  I immediately provided Ms. Pruter with my full professional support, and she is currently my first professional referral for families in high-conflict divorce situations.

Anticipated recovery from a psychotherapy approach of solution-focused family system therapy would be estimated at 6-weeks.  I might be at 2-weeks, most therapists, however, seem to be at never.

The High Road workshop achieves a full recovery of the parent-child attachment bond in a matter of days, gently, and the child loves it.  It is a healthy and positive experience for all.

After reviewing the protocol, Ms. Pruter invited me to observe a High Road workshop being conducted.  I took four days off of my practice and drove down to watch all four days.  It was exactly as anticipated from the protocol, better because the artistry in practice was also evident.  I entirely understand how the High Road workshop achieves its success.

Dorcy Pruter has the solution in her hip pocket.  My professional obligations were clear.  I next submitted a presentation proposal with Dorcy Pruter to the AFCC for their 2017 national convention in Boston.  I spoke first on AB-PA, specifically noting boundary of competence concerns and issues. Then Ms. Pruter and I presented on her High Road workshop, the principles of change and recovery on which it’s based, and their application in practice.

Then, in the course of collaboration, Dorcy asked that I accept a client from the workshop into my therapy for post-workshop maintenance care.  I said no, the family lives too far away to make it practical for them to travel.  She said please.  I said no, the family is in financial struggles and they can’t afford me even if they did make the drive.

She said please.  I cut my fee and said okay.  I received a client from the High Road workshop into my therapy.  My therapy is the second A phase of the High Road single-case ABA clinical research design.  Based on my direct experience with her workshop client, Dorcy Pruter and the High Road workshop achieved a full and complete recovery of the child and mother-child attachment bond from three years of documented child psychological abuse by the father, documented by three separate mental health professionals, none of them me.

I was simply the maintenance care therapist.  Easiest job I have ever had.  The kid was great, mom was a little deer-in-the-headlights happy, “therapy” was not involved.  I simply stabilized the recovery, and out of curiosity, I poked around and took a look at things, various brain things, regulatory and emotional systems, things like that.

Remarkable. The recovery was full, complete, and robust.  Absolutely remarkably clear of any trauma in any network.  I didn’t find a spot of residual trauma in the adolescent, nothing.  I read the reports from the three other psychologists, one psychologist reported it was the worst narcissistic pathology in a father he’d ever seen in a 40-year career, and two other reports from other psychologists said exactly the same thing across three years of failed involvement.

Finally the court orders for a protective separation came through that allowed the High Road workshop to occur.  Dorcy had travel pending and didn’t have time for the 4-day workshop before she left, so she did it in two. She recovered an angry-hostile adolescent boy’s attachment bond with his mother in two days – from three years of documented child psychological abuse – two days, completely fixed.  Remarkable, a stunningly remarkable professional accomplishment.

Dorcy Pruter is the best trauma recovery specialist I’ve ever worked with.  I’ve worked foster care heading the treatment team at my clinic, we were CPS’s referral, they sent their foster kids to us for treatment. We were a three-university collaboration, speech-and-language faculty and therapists were provided by University of Redlands, occupational therapy faculty and staff were provided by Loma Linda University.  I’ve worked with pediatric trauma nurses at Arrowhead Hospital, I love a pediatric trauma nurse on the team.

Dorcy is the best trauma recovery specialist I have ever worked with.  She is my first referral for complex trauma and child psychological abuse.  She’s not a clinical psychologist, she does something different, something wonderful, more please, do it more, recover more children from complex trauma and child abuse.  That’s a good thing.

She asked me to be the follow-up maintenance care therapist for a post-workshop High Road client.  I speak from personal experience, she obtained a full and complete recovery – more – sort of a vanishing of trauma from the kid.

The kid was great.  Wonderful.  Mom was happy and a little fragile from her years of trauma, she needed the stabilizing.  I met with dad, I concur with the prior three opinions.

I have personally received an adolescent client child and parent from the High Road workshop, and I’m an excellent clinical psychologist.  Dorcy Pruter obtained a full and complete recovery of the child’s self-authenticity, and a full and complete recovery of the parent-child bond.

My obligations were clear.  In 2019 we co-presented a paper to the national convention of the American Psychological Association on the single-case clinical research data from the High Road workshop.  I submitted to Division 24 Society for Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology (not Forensic).  This is something new, the approach, the success.

The approach she uses, a context and gently skill-based and educational approach, has broader applications to other trauma-based pathologies, with clear applications to two populations; prison recidivism and substance abuse recovery.  I am confident that a university MOU for program research and development would be productive and fantastically rewarding.

I’m a clinical psychologist.  I am an excellent clinical psychologist. I met Dorcy Pruter, I reviewed her workshop protocol and its success.  I escorted her to both the AFCC and APA, they will benefit from meeting her.  For the APA, it was to Division 24, there are broader applications of her accomplishments.

What Dorcy accomplishes in the High Road workshop is unlike anything we do in psychotherapy – she achieves an “incandescent change” in her recovery.  My closest comparison is to the Christmas Truce of 1914, it is a shift in surrounding context that restores, resets.  The closest anyone gets in psychology is probably Boszormenyi-Nagy and Context family systems therapy.  Borszormenyi-Nagy is the expert on family loyalties, his book is entitled Invisible Loyalties and he developed Context family systems therapy.

Creating change by shifting context. That’s what Dorcy does in an elegant way in the High Road workshop. She’s crafted a structure, and then uses it like an art, shifting contexts as needed to draw forth healthy authenticity, love, and bonding.

There is a “moratorium on discussing the past” in the workshop.  Excellent from the start.  They don’t discuss the past, it’s now and moving forward, solution oriented, it’s teaching skills, like communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, and effective negotiation.  It is not anything like what we do in psychotherapy – a different approach.

Higher Purpose Parenting

Next she developed a parenting curriculum… for the targeted parent… that will lead to the recovery of their child’s authenticity and attachment bond to the parent.  Everyone else on the planet would have developed a parenting program for the pathological parent, the problem parent, seeking to control and limit the destructive impact of this parent’s pathology.

Dorcy turned in a different direction, to the parent selected by the child for leadership, she turned to the targeted parent.  Why?  Because she was that child.  She understands the child, she understands the child’s communication, their authenticity beneath the drama.  The “allied” parent is too fragile, they’ve collapsed, the child needs to take care of them. The child needs the other parent to lead, to find a solution for the family that doesn’t leave anyone behind.

The child loves both parents.  One’s fragile, one’s not.  The child has collapsed into the pathology of the fragile parent because that’s what this parent needs.  The other parent, the targeted-rejected parent, is the stronger one, the healthier one.  The child is turning to this parent for leadership.  Dorcy calls these parents the chosen parents.

As a clinical psychologist, I agree.  I reference the “identified patient” in family systems literature.

Dorcy has a clarity of sight offered by empathy – authentic empathy, not projective “empathy,” – authentic empathy for the child.  She sees to and hears the child.

I am highly knowledgeable about parenting training curriculums, I know them all.  All the different variants of Behavioral Parent Training, as well as communication-based approaches like STEP, and early childhood approaches like Webster-Stratton’s The Incredible Years. I know them all, even the research of Patterson and Forehand.  I know parenting skills curriculums.

Dorcy Pruter’s parenting curriculum is unique.  I attended the first 9-course series she offered, just listening and following along.  It is excellent.  It blends a variety of interventions that I’m sure she’s not overtly aware of at a deep-psychology level of my professional understanding, but about which she understands everything, because she’s self-discovered truth on her own.

She uses accurate contructs in unique and wonderful assemblies. She’s arranged constructs and interventions that I recognize, and yet arranged them in unique and interesting ways that are powerfully effective.  I would consider the Higher Purpose Parenting curriculum to be a trauma-informed parenting curriculum, the only one I’m aware of.

Custody Resolution Method

Next she developed the Custody Resolution Method, a combination of coaching support with a formal data tagging methodology for identifying frequency counts of symptom indicators in a large data set provided by the parent – Dorcy refers to it as Tier 1 data relative to the courts.

The data tagging methodology she uses for an archival data set (i.e., documented data; emails, texts, reports, court filings) is a standard research methodology for compiling information from large sets of raw data into organized categories that are available for comprehension and interpretation.

By way of full disclosure, CRM tags for the three Diagnostic Indicators of AB-PA as well as the 12 Associated Clinical Signs, in addition to other categories of interest.  She then sends the compiled data profile to me for my opinion as a clinical psychologist since CRM is tagging frequency counts for the three Diagnostic Indicators of AB-PA.  I provide an opinion, a consultation report. Ms. Pruter is a professional client of mine, I provide consultation reports for her CRM data tagging profiles.

Businesswoman & Coach

Ms. Pruter is not a psychologist.  She does not have a doctorate degree in psychology.  She does not do psychotherapy.  She is not licensed, she does not assess, diagnose, or treat any pathology. Nor is she an architect or a lawyer.

She is a businesswoman and a family coach, and in my view, she is also the best trauma recovery specialist I have ever worked with, and she is my first referral for recovery from complex trauma and child psychological abuse.

I must use alternate criteria for reviewing Ms. Pruter’s vitae than I would use with a licensed psychologist.  She will have no Education support on her vitae, she will have no psychology support in coursework or training, no psychotherapy treatment support in attachment pathology, family systems therapy, or any domain of professional psychology.

She took a different life course, she arrived here by a different path. That is one of the reasons her interventions are so unique and so effective.  She is not a psychologist, was never trained as a psychologist, she doesn’t think like a psychologist – thank goodness.

What she does have is solutions.  She is not without education, she has studied a lot, she is Certified in many areas of professional coaching and mediation – she is a professional, and she is a businesswoman.

If I were to review the vitae of an architect, I would use criteria appropriate to that profession, if I review a vitae of an attorney, I would use criteria appropriate to that profession.

Ms. Pruter is a businesswoman, forming her Conscious Co-Parenting Institute in 2006, she has a successful trauma recovery workshop that she both developed and has successfully implemented with hundreds of children and families.  She has created a parenting curriculum that successfully teaches the targeted-rejected parents the trauma-informed parenting skills needed to recover their children, and she has created a data tagging methodology that surpasses anything offered from professional psychology.

By any measure of success as a businesswoman, Ms. Pruter meets and exceeds criteria.  She has demonstrated herself to be an immensely successful businesswoman, even when faced with a savage group of people surrounding court-involved pathology that attack her with slander and lies relentlessly.  She is a remarkably successful businesswoman.

The next domain would be her vitae support as a professional coach.  Let’s begin our examination of that.  Ms. Pruter begins her vitae:

2006 – Present: CEO & Founder, Conscious Co-Parenting Institute

Dorcy Pruter is a Certified Co-Parenting, Custody and Reunification Coach, Certified Family Conflict Mediator, Certified Co-Parenting Instructor and Certified Life Coach.

Ms. Pruter leads with her business credentials, only one line, but as noted in my preface, her success in that area of her practice is substantial and clearly evident from her background.  It needs only one line on her vitae.

She next presents on her Credentials. For a coach vitae, this domain is equivalent to Education on a psychologist’s vitae. Note that she leads with her training received, not trainings given, she leads with her coaching credentials – Certified means she’s received some form of structured training intended for the coaching profession.

Dorcy’s path was not through psychology, she comes from a different path to here.  She entered business and property sales, a normal life, then shifted careers as she grew on her own emotional path of self-recovery as a child of “alienation.”

She recovered her own bond with her father and began to explore her past and current family situations.  She then embarked on a different life-course, a path of findings solutions for children and families, she became a family, parenting, and life coach.

Being a coach requires no more than hanging out a shingle and saying “I’m a coach.”  The measure of a successful coach is are they successful in helping their clients.  Recognizing the close collaborative roles filled by coaches and family therapists, Cloe Madanes, a renowned family systems therapist, has formed a collaborative professional relationship with Tony Robbins, a coach, and in 2018 she wrote a book entitled Changing Relationships: Strategies for Therapists and Coaches.

There is no licensing or regulation requirement for coaching, which makes for client vulnerability.  At the same time, I know many licensed psychologists who are entirely ignorant and incompetent, so a college “degree” gained from passing classroom exams does not necessarily mean knowledge or competence.

Yet Dorcy did more that simply hang out a shingle, she studied her craft and profession. – that’s what Certified means, it means she studied.  Perhaps that’s why she’s so successful as a businesswoman.  Certification training is noted in three areas, 1) co-parenting, child custody, and family reunification coaching, 2) family conflict mediation, and 3) life coaching.

These are not things she’s claiming she teaches – these are Certification trainings she’s taken – she leads with her education and training.  She is surpassing requirements for a coach, she is establishing herself as a capable and competent, well-trained professional.

Which she is.

Dorcy Pruter, CEO and Founder of the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute, a company focused on attachment based “parental alienation” reunification strategies and creating a world where children are free to love both parents. Dorcy provides coaching, training and reunification services, globally. Dorcy specializes in high conflict divorce and custody cases involving pathogenic parenting (parental alienation). She has been in private practice as a coach facilitator for over 10 years.

Following her opening lead from her relevant education and training in coaching, Dorcy next presents her work experience, this is a standard presentation of professional vitae, training followed by experience. Of note is that she grounds in the scientifically established knowledge of professional psychology.

Her professional experience as a parenting and family coach with court-involved high-conflict pathology is again strongly substantial and highly relevant.  As a family and parenting coach, Ms. Pruter is highly qualified by both professional training and professional experience with exactly this pathology in the family courts.

She is not a clinical psychologist.  Because of that, she should not, and does not, conduct psychotherapy, she should not, and does not, diagnose pathology.  She is not a clinical psychologist. She does something different, she is a professional family and parenting coach to help the family orient to and solve problematic parenting and problematic transitions in the family.

She is not a clinical psychologist, she does not diagnose pathology, she does not do psychotherapy, she is a family and parenting coach, that is her profession.  We are reviewing her vitae by those criteria, and her professional qualifications as a family and parenting coach with this pathology are stellar, and I would say unsurpassed in her profession with this court-involved pathology.

Dorcy Pruter is a pioneer in the field of Conscious Co-Parenting and Reunification Coaching, and has led the development of the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute, specializing in Conscious Co-Parenting Classes, Coaching, Conscious Ways for Families, Custody Resolution Method, Higher Purpose Parenting and High Road Family Reunification workshops across the U.S. and Internationally. She is among the most experienced Co-Parenting, Custody and Reunification Coaches in the world.

Next, Ms. Pruter offers her accomplishments in program development and successful involvement in court-involved family conflict as a parenting and family coach.  Those are a substantial set of achievements that she notes, as I previously described.

Within three opening paragraphs, Ms. Pruter clearly and concisely presents her substantial professional experience as a family and parenting coach with this court-involved attachment pathology surrounding divorce.  She is eminently qualified as a professional coach with court-involved family conflict pathology.

Ms. Pruter ends with the confident self-assertion, “She is among the most experienced Co-Parenting Reunification Coaches in the world.”

I agree with that self-assessment by Ms. Pruter, and I would challenge anyone to present a stronger vitae from any family and parenting coach who is working with court-involved family conflict.  There is no stronger vitae of professional qualifications and experience in family coaching with this court-involved high-conflict family pathology.  She is the most experienced co-parenting reunification coach in the world, I agree.

Ms. Pruter next turns from her strong offer of her training, background, and professional experience as a family and parenting coach, to offer the Presentations she’s given as support for her professional practice and competence.

Presentations are merely our pontificating, our presentations given to others are not evidence of any knowledge.  Presentations given will reflect two things, 1) the topics will reflect her interests, and 2) to whom she spoke will reflect the relative professional esteem to her work.

Recent Presentations:

American Psychological Association. Empathy, the Family, and the Core of Social Justice. Childress, C.A. & Pruter, D. Paper Presentation at the APA National Convention, Division 24, August 8, 2019; Chicago,

This first one is most recent and was with me.  This paper presents the High Road single-case ABA clinical case data.  It was my honor to accompany Ms. Pruter to the APA to present her High Road single-case ABA clinical research data directly to the American Psychological Association at their national convention in Chicago, August 2019.

National Americans For Equal Shared Parenting Conference on ABA Single Case Design Evidence Based Practice of the High Road for Trauma Informed Remedy of Complex Family Conflict. Washington, DC; June 29, 2019

This is a mid-range professional organization, she again presents the evidence-based data in support of the High Road workshop’s success.

Erasmus University Medical Center. Presented on a Panel of psychologist, lawyers, and judges on the subject Attachment-Based Parental Alienation: Trauma Informed Remedy of Complex Family Conflict. Rotterdam, Netherlands; February 25, 2019

Dutch Ministry of Justice. Invited meeting; February 27, 2019.

These two are again with me.  I was invited to speak in the Netherlands. My first call was to Dorcy, “Would you join me?” I take Dorcy everywhere I go and introduce her to everyone I meet. She is my first referral.

How Childhood Trauma is Impacting Your Present Day Life. Awakening Giants Presentation. Tauranga, New Zealand; January 20, 2019

She is involved in expanded projects of life-development and growth.

Inspire Aukland. Conflict Resolution Skills to End the Suffering Caused by Childhood Trauma Surrounding Divorce. Aukland, New Zealand; January 18, 2019

This talk indicates her area of professional interest, as well as a notable international focus on trauma recovery.

Inspire Monrovia. Conflict Resolution Skills to End the Suffering Caused by Childhood Trauma in a Post War Monrovia, Liberia, Africa. October 13, 2018.

Another broad trauma presentation, and note the international scope.  There are broader professional implications for her approach to recovery from complex trauma.  Dorcy Pruter’s vitae for a coach in complex trauma and family recovery is exceptionally strong.

Association of Family and Conciliation Courts Annual Convention. An Attachment-Based Model of Parental Alienation: Diagnosis and Treatment. June 1, 2017; Boston,

This is again with me as I described above. I felt it my professional obligation to introduce Ms. Pruter and her approach to recovery from complex trauma and child psychological abuse to the AFCC and APA.

International Conference of Shared Parenting ABAB Single Case Design Evidence Based Practice as a Solution for Complex Trauma; causing an emotional cutoff between a parent and child caused by complex trauma surrounding divorce. May 29, 2017; Boston, MA

A mid-level professional association. It takes a doctorate or law degree to present at the AFCC and a doctorate in psychology to open the door to the APA.  These domain-specific mid-level professional conferences are the networks of active professionals.

Again to be noted is her reliance on evidence-based support for her workshop-based approach to recovery.  This is excellent, outcome measures and clinical research designs are top-tier professional work.

Parental Alienation Symposium 2017: Presentation on Solutions for Professionals and Families suffering from emotional cutoffs caused by emotional trauma surrounding divorce. April 29, 2017; Dallas,

This was a parent-organized symposium, there was no Gardner PAS allowed. It was the first shift to a scientifically grounded approach to solutions.

That is a substantial set of presentations for a family and parenting coach.  They reveal who she is, her focus and interests.

Ms. Pruter next shifts to a more specific detailing of her background skills and experience by providing a listing of additional domains of her professional work and consultation experience, capabilities, and competencies.

Other roles served for families going through divorce include:

 1.  Co-parenting mediator, testifying expert, co-parent coach and consultant – in courts across the United States, Canada, Africa, Europe and Australia.

She’s a top tier professional, actively bringing solutions to family conflict pathology, with a notable international scope.  Her work has broader application than simply the family conflict surrounding the courts.

2.  Testimony in custody situations in jurisdictions across the U.S. and Canada, Dorcy provides consultation services, to forensic professionals, family law attorneys and parents in the context of child custody issues, reunification strategies and High Conflict Divorce.

This is a valuable professional consultation service, and one which a coach is uniquely qualified to offer.  Whether there is a desire for her testimony and consultation is dependent on the success of her clients.  I suspect her clients will be satisfied and successful, the legal arguments are shifting from custody to treatment.

3.  Developed the High Road to Family Reunification program, a psycho-educational workshop designed to restore the normal-range attachment bonding motivations of a child toward a rejected parent that results from parental alienation.

A remarkable professional achievement.

I encourage university involvement in research on the High Road workshop intervention protocol and it’s approach.  I would also encourage translation for a Spanish language delivery.  Personally, I think the University of Granada would be well-suited for the translation of the protocol, and any university researcher in complex trauma and psychological child abuse would benefit from an MOU and research collaboration with Ms. Pruter on the High Road protocol.

4.  Developed the Custody Resolution Method Coaching Program and Digital Timeline for documenting data in high-conflict divorce, which includes the creation of Behavioral Pattern timelines that are anchored in data from the case files. This program provides an easy to understand, visual aid to assist lawyers, judges, custody evaluators, therapists and others, to see the patterns of behaviors and triggering events, giving the professionals an easy to understand tool to see that common patterns of pathogenic parenting behaviors. These timelines make it easy for the decision makers, to evaluate the protective separation of the child from a pathogenic parent, when warranted by the data.

Data speaks. Dorcy in CRM gives data voice.

5.  Written numerous articles, spoke at numerous national and international venues, on topics such as High-conflict divorce, Co-Parent Coaching, Parent/Child Alienation, Co-Parent consulting and Family Reunification and, conflict resolutions skills.

She describes her primary domain of interest and indicates a willingness to speak and educate on these topics.

6.  Created and taught, the 10-Week Conscious Co-parenting course, covering topics from parenting styles and managing a high conflict divorce to co-parenting and parallel parenting plans. This program includes a co-parenting handbook, a co-parenting workbook and over 40 hours of online training videos and audios.

Ms. Pruter is active in developing structured skill-based interventions.  In many cases of court-involved pathology, not just divorce and custody but other forms of problematic behavior and parenting, parenting programs are required by the court.  I recommend any of the Dorcy’s parenting curriculums from the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute (and preferred over Behavioral Parent Training curriculums).

7. Certification of instructors internationally to teach the Conscious Co-Parenting classes and coaching, including certification of marriage and family therapists and social workers in the Conscious Co-Parenting protocol.

She is expanding availability of a standardized and skills-based approach to growth, resolution, and solutions to family conflict and parenting skills development.  Her first presentation on her vitae was the Certification Training she’s received.  Here, she is offering her curriculum and training as Certification in Conscious Co-Parenting courses and development.

8. Certified Coach with the International Association of Coaching (IAC)

Ms. Pruter offers her Professional Association membership as a coach. She is a solid family and parenting professional coach by training and accomplishment, and continues her professional organizational involvement.

9. Authored and published an ebook, “Stepping In” a Step Parents guide to Conscious Co-Parenting.

10. Authored and published the e-book, “I Love You Both”, a guide to help children of divorce love both of their parents.

Ms. Pruter offers available resources.

11. Developed the Conscious Ways for Families, a conflict resolution coaching Program for families dealing with the family courts and co-parenting disputes.

Ms. Pruter is exceptionally active in developing a variety of intervention approaches.  She has an effective and extensive trauma-recovery protocol, she varies it for context of delivery.

12. Has certified, Co-Parenting, Custody and Reunification coaches, worldwide.

She is active in training coaches in her protocols.

For her, this becomes challenging on several grounds, 1) protecting her intellectual property from theft and appropriation, and 2) people changing it, doing it wrong, and then Dorcy gets blamed for the failure.

Training coaches in her protocols is a challenging undertaking.  She has undertaken it because it’s needed. She is only one human and the need for recovery from complex trauma is great.  It would be good if there were more coaches trained in her protocol structures.

I believe this best comes though university involvement.  Allow a university to research and further develop and establish the protocol structures, allowing Ms. Pruter to maintain the High Road structure, with variants by research and desire of others.

International coaches trained in a structured approach will be immensely valuable with helping those systems achieve solutions for their families, and Ms. Pruter demonstrates on her vitae an understanding for the international scope, from Europe to Liberia, a broad range of trauma.

13. Speaker at numerous conferences on the subject of obstructed family bonds solutions that work included but not limited to presenting at AFCC, Annual Conference, International Conference for Shared Parenting, and Parental Alienation Symposium

She is available to speak and educate on these topics.

14. Developed and facilitate of Higher Purpose Parenting online and live coaching and parenting classes

As I noted earlier, I have taken this set of classes. They are an excellenct and effective parenting skills curriculum.  I would call it a trauma-informed curriculum, it is a set of skills that will clear trans-generational trauma influences from the parent.

15. US and North America Partner to the Divorce Hotel providing Conscious Divorces through mediation in a weekend

She has a broad array of solution-focused involvement.  The goal is to prevent problems as early as possible and to re-direct situations into solutions BEFORE they become a problem.

16. Developed Higher Purpose Mastery coaching, classes and workshops facilitated around the world

She has broader-scope curriculum and interventions that move into the domain of life coaching.

17. Developed Securing a Scared Relationship coaching program and online classes

18. Facilitates workshops and leadership training for coaches and mediators

19. Founded the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute the worlds leading provider of co-parenting and custody solutions for divorcing parents

20. Founder of the Co-Parenting Coach and Mediator Training Academy; Certifying coaches and mediators around the world on the solutions to for high conflict divorce and custody issues

She is very active in developing and creating solutions, and providing training to others in achieving these solutions.

She is closing her vitae and provides her organizational affiliations.  These place her work in a professional context, these are the organizations of relevance for her work.

Membership Affiliations:

• Member of Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC)
• Member of Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM)
• Member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP)
• Member of Coach Training Alliance (CTA)
• Member of National Association of Mediators (NAM)
• Member of Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM)
• Member of Southern California Mediators Association (SCMA)
• Member of the International Association of Coaches (IAC)
• Member of Leading Women for Shared Parenting (LW4SP)
• Past member of the United States of America Blended Family Association
• Past member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Ms. Pruter closes with offering her education and training background with this pathology.  The pathology lies, it distorts, it slanders with false allegations.  The pathology and its allies seek to discredit Ms. Pruter’s absence of a college degree.  She is a businesswoman and professional coach, she came here by a different path.

She is most certainly educated in the nature of this court-involved pathology and she works hard at her craft and profession.  She is the most knowledgeable of any professional I know regarding the nature of this court-involved family conflict pathology and its solution.

Trainings Received Related to Divorcing Families and Coaching

• 40 Hours of Divorce and Family Mediations Training – MTI Mediation Training International
• 40 Hours of Divorce and Family Mediation Training – Mosten Mediation Training
• High Conflict Institute® – 12 hours of Understanding and Managing High Conflict Personalities in Legal Disputes,
• High Conflict Institute® – 13 hours of Dealing with High Conflict People in Separation, Divorce and Co-parenting,
• High Conflict Institute® – 6 hours of New Ways Conflict Resolution training.
• High Conflict Institute® – 6 Hours High Conflict Divorce Mediation Training
• Certified Breakthrough Parenting® instructor training 16 hours and is certified to teach Breakthrough Parenting®
• Certified Active Parenting Instructor®
• Completed Coaches Training Alliance® 6 month coaching certification course and is a certified coach.
• Completed Coaches Training Alliance® 6 month Master coach training
• Is a credentialed Master Certified Coach with over 15000 hours of client coaching experience with the International Coaching Federation
• A credentialed Master Certified Coach with over 15000 hours of client coaching experience with the International Association of Coaches
• AFCC high conflict resolution training and numerous workshops and training from 2013 to present
• John Maxwell- Become a Coach and Leadership Coach Certification
• Certified “Today Matters” Coach- John Maxwell
• Certified ‘Developing the Leaders Around you Coach- John Maxwell & Todd Duncan
• The Duncan Group Achieving Leadership training
• The Duncan Group Executive Leadership training
• The Conscious Parent training with Dr. Shefali Tebury
• Experts Academy- Brendan Burchard
• High Performance Academy Master Coach Certification-Brendan Burchard
• 80 hours of Attachment-based Parental Alienation Assessment and Diagnosis- Dr. Craig Childress

That is a substantial vitae of coaching education and training she has received.

The last entry is just flattery to me, she knows this pathology at every level as well as I do, she instructs me as much as I instruct her (in fact, we consult, “instruction” is not a relevant construct).  She uses her words, I use mine, we exchange language-words.  I like her words better, they’re more common-sense and grounded terms, mine are all complicated multisyllabic terminology.  See.

I am familiar with everything Ms. Pruter advocates and consultation advice domains she provides, I agree with everything, she is entirely correct, and I can provide my multisyllabic terminology if desired.

Next to my own vitae as a clinical psychologist, I cannot imagine a stronger professional vitae than Dorcy Pruter’s regarding this court-involved pathology.  Dorcy Pruter absolutely knows what she’s doing, that is clearly evident and substantially supported by her vitae of background and experience.

I’m a licensed clinical psychologist.  I assess, diagnose, and treat pathology, all types.  I do psychotherapy, there are a variety of psychotherapy schools and models.

Dorcy Pruter is a family and parenting coach, a life coach, and a businesswoman.  We do different things.  She is remarkably successful in what she does, and her vitae provides strong professional indication of who she is.

In my professional estimation as a clinical psychologist, Ms. Pruter is the best trauma recovery specialist on the planet for complex trauma and child psychological abuse.  She is my first referral.  Her approaches have broader application with all complex trauma pathology in addition to this court-involved family conflict pathology, and they are remarkably effective with resolving this attachment-based family conflict and in restoring a healthy and normal-range childhood to the child.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857

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