Flying Monkeys

My client is at risk.

My child is at risk from a group of people who seek to disrupt and damage the recovery of children from complex trauma and child abuse that are achieved by Dorcy Pruter. My client’s recovery is at risk from these people.  We have taken to calling this symptom feature of the pathology, the allies who seek to facilitate the enactment of narcissistic child abuse, “flying monkeys”, after the popular culture label for these people:

Wikipedia: Flying monkeys (psychology)

“Flying monkeys is a phrase used in popular psychology mainly in the context of narcissistic abuse. They are people who act on behalf of a narcissist to a third party, usually for an abusive purpose.”

Urban Dictionary: Flying monkey

“In popular psychology, a flying monkey is someone who does the narcissist’s bidding to inflict additional torment to the narcissist’s victim.”

This is a symptom feature of narcissistic abuse pathology – people are a symptom of pathology.  That, is pretty amazing for a pathology.  No other pathology except this – attachment trauma pathology of pathological narcissism – has other people as a symptom of the pathology. 

I find that remarkable.  People are a symptom of pathology.  They don’t know it.  It is an irrational delusional belief involving the splitting pathology of trauma (demonization).  The allegations made are hyperbolic extremes, alleging Dorcy Pruter specifically, and anyone associated with her, are “abusive” of children – and that society needs to be “protected” from Dorcy Pruter and anyone associated with her.

They are delusional.  And they are malignant, savage, and evil people – the absence of the capacity for empathy; they are narcissistically self-absorbed without the capacity for social connection. 

They have no concern for, or ability for, rational discussion, they are driven by irrational delusions of supposed threat that only they see, in which they demonize the target (Dorcy Pruter in this specific case) and then they engage is a focused campaign of vile smears, slander, and an intentional effort to damage and disrupt the work of Ms. Pruter, including breaking the identity of her recovered children, seeking to ally with the abusive parent in the return of the child’s hostile rejection of the other parent again.

At its upper extremes, the “flying monkey” symptom of narcissistic abuse pathology reaches the level of “gang-stalking”

Urban Dictionary: Gang Stalking

“Gang stalking is organized harassment at it’s best. It is the targeting of an individual for revenge, jealousy, sport, or to keep them quiet, etc.  It’s organized, widespread, and growing.  Some describe this form of harassment as, “A psychological attack that can completely destroy a persons life, while leaving little or no evidence to incriminate the perpetrators.”

I have had clinical treatment experience with this “gang-stalking” symptom feature of malignant narcissism.  It is extremely disturbing.  APA, you must get over here to look at this pathology; narcissistic child abuse and trauma.  That is the pathology I am asking you to look at… specifically.

This – social distribution – symptom feature of the pathology arises because this is an attachment trauma pathology.  It spreads from brain to brain through inhabiting specific networks created by abuse and victimization.  The damage caused to the attachment networks seeks, it is a motivational system, it seeks and locates the false trauma reenactment narrative of the narcissistic child abuse, and the brains of trauma join the trauma reenactment for the vicarious resolution of their own childhood trauma.

The “flying monkey” people are vicariously working through their own childhood trauma (and narcissistic pathology of inadequacy; the grandiosity of their “savior” role), by adopting the self-assigned role as “savior” and “protector” of children, they then demonize their target (the person seeking to end the narcissistic abuse), and they begin a relentless campaign of malignant smear, abuse, and hyperbolic slander against the targeted person (or racial/ethnic groups in other variants of the trauma pathogen; demonization).

Dorcy Pruter and Dr. Childress are both targets of this vicious, slanderous, and malignant campaign by a group of people seeking to destroy both of our professional careers in slander and lies.  The goal of the “flying monkey” people is to prevent our ability to end narcissistic child abuse, and narcissistic spousal abuse.

They don’t realize this.  They live in a delusional world of self-construction in which they have self-appointed themselves as “Saviors of children” and “Protectors of children,” and from the delusional grandiosity of their narcissistic pathology they feel entitled by their grandiose self-anointment (they are anointing themselves) as the “Savior” and annointed “protector of children” – to then engage in their vile campaign of assault, lies, and slander against their targeted victim.

They are blind to their vile malignancy by the delusion of their self-annointment as the “Savior of children.”  In Nazi Germany, the blindess of the malignancy is evident in the “savior” of the Arian race justification.  Abuse justified by the “savior” of a cause.  Racist nationalism. 

These are variants on an underlying structure of a trauma pathogen in the attachment networks – the pattern is abuse justified by a “savior” role.  In the case of the flying monkeys, it’s the abuse, lies, and slander toward Dorcy Pruter (and by extension, Dr. Childress) justified by their self-anointed role as the “Savior of children.” 

One example of this is Dr. Mercer and her blog.  A self-anointed savior of children.  She is not a clinical psychologist.  Never has been.  No training in assessment, diagnosis, or treatment of any pathology.  Yet she opines in the most irrational and vehement tones of “protection” about the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of pathology – far-far beyond any boundaries of professional competence.  And she feels entitled do this because of her grandiose belief in her self-anointed role as a “Savior” of children.

Do you see the pattern.  Trauma is pattern.  Once you see pattern, you’ll be able to see trauma.

Dorcy has the identities of the most prominent current enactors of the most severe elements of the harassment.  Dorcy Pruter’s personal safety has been at risk for years from this symptom feature of narcissistic abuse.  This “flying monkey” symptom of extreme malignancy has attached to her as its focus for slander and abuse.  She has been, and continues to be, the recipient of lies, vicious slander, and abuse from this symptom feature of the pathology.

She has endured the vile malignancy of this narcissistic abuse for years, and has taken personal steps to protect her safety, she is in physical jeopardy for her safety  – that’s how severe this symptom feature is – her personal safety is at risk because she recovers children from the trauma of child abuse.  No professional should have to place themselves at such risk to recover children from child abuse and trauma.

APA, you must get over here to look at this pathology; narcissitic child abuse and trauma.

As a clinical psychologist, I love what the “flying monkey” symptom reveals about the nature and functioning of the attachment system and attachment trauma.  The symptom of the “flying monkeys” (people) surrounding narcissistic trauma and abuse has been a goldmine of professional-level knowledge about attachment and complex trauma that is created from, and creates, child abuse. 

My doctorate degree protects me somewhat.  Without a doctorate degree, Dorcy is more exposed to their lies and slanderous abuse.

I have been collecting documented evidence of this symptom feature of complex trauma and narcissistic abuse.  I’m a clinical psychologist.  The pathogen has never met a clinical psychologist like me before.  As we solve this pathology, I will be exposing the “flying monkey” symptom to professional psychology, and it will be addressed within the professional solution developed within professional psychology.

“Flying monkeys” exist – and they are targeting Dorcy Pruter and her work with their vile malignancy.

Breaking Treatment Identity

Of most clinical concern is that this group of people (the carriers of the “flying monkey” symptoms) believe from the grandiostity of their narcissistic entitlement that they are entitled by their narcissistic self-anointed roles as “Savior” and “Protector of children” to break identity coverage on Dorcy Pruter’s recoveries, and then begin an organized campaign to re-establish the child’s pathological rejection of the targeted parent.

Once they have broken the identify cover for her recovered child, they contact the allied narcissistic parent and work in tandem with this abusive parent to re-initiate the psychological abuse of the child, because these non-involved people have a delusional belief that they are “rescuing” the children from the “abuse” of Dorcy Pruter.

It is delusional.  I am a clinical psychologist.  It is a delusion.  They are working-through their own childhood trauma by their self-anointed vicarious trauma role as the “protector of children” in a splitting pathology of their own grandiose idealization of self-perception, and their demonization (splitting pathology) of their abuse victim – in this case, Dorcy Pruter.

Why they have targeted Dorcy Pruter specifically is a matter for professional speculation, I have my thoughts on the matter.  At this point, the “why” is not relevant, the symptom feature of “flying monkeys” (people) that surrounds pathological narcissistic abuse of its victim is documented and confirmed.

And the symptom feature of the “flying monkeys” surrounding narcissitic trauma and abuse, is placing my client-child at risk.

My Clinical Care of My Patient

The “flying monkey” symptom of narcissistic abuse will seek to break protective identify of my patient, and these people (the carriers of the “flying monkey” symptom of childhood trauma) will seek to destroy the treatment gains achieved by the High Road protocol and the follow-up therapy of Dr. Childress, simply because the recovery was achieved by Dorcy Pruter (the demonization of their “splitting” within their own pathological narcissism).

The risk they pose to my client is of such significance, that the potential intrusion of the “flying monkey” symptom of narcissistic abuse into my clinical care of my patient has been charted twice into the medical record for my patient care.

Once in treatment planning for the end of the protective separation period.  This represents a high-risk time for “flying monkey” intrusion into and disruption of recovery.  They may potentially seek to break protective identify cover for the patient child, and then will begin a coordinated campaign with the abusive father to re-initiate and reestablish the child’s pathological hatred for his mother created by the father’s psychological abuse of the child.

I have a bullet point on my treatment plan to address risk factors to my child’s recovery posed by the intrusion of people (“flying monkeys”) who have no involvement in the case, but who simply seek to harass Dorcy Pruter and destroy the recovery gains she achieves with the High Road protocol.

My second entry into the medical record of my patient surrounding the risk to treatment posed by the “flying monkey” symptom of pathological violence and abuse is surrounding the current release of data from patient care in association with the High Road recovery workshop data for my patient; the clinical data points on the PC-RRS for the single-case ABA of the High Road workshop. 

Highlighting my collaborative work with Dorcy Pruter and her recovery of the child from complex trauma and child abuse will potentially increase the risk to my client-child from the intrusion of non-involved people into my therapy and my child’s recovery in order to specifically damage and destroy the child’s recovery and treatment gains with his mother.

They will seek to return the child to the father’s abusive care, and they will seek to re-initiate and reestablish the child’s hostile rejection of his mother created by the psychological abuse of the father.  They will do this for no other reason than the child’s recovery from complex trauma and child abuse was achieved by Dorcy Pruter.

They have a delusional fixation (of erotomanic proportions) with Dorcy Pruter.  I have my interpretation as to why their fixation is with her.

My client is at risk from people unrelated to anything about the case, who are on a delusional “mission” to “protect children” –  grandiose self-proclaimed saviors of children – they are delusional.  This is a delusional pathology.   My DSM-IV diagnosis would be a Shared Psychotic Disorder.

This post represents one of my efforts, documented in the medical record of my patient as a full bullet point under treatment planning considerations, along with other protective steps to ensure the privacy of my patient and the integrity of his recovery of healthy childhood relationships with his parents.

Dorcy Pruter has documented intrusions of this symptom feature into her prior recoveries – it is a symptom feature of the pathology.  It is the most interesting of pathological features, that the actions of non-involved people are symptom features of the narcissistic abuse pathology, and it is an extremely vicious and malignant symptom feature – the splitting demonization of pathological narcissistic abuse made manifest.

I wish to send a clear message to the “flying monkey” symptom of pathological narcissistic abuse… don’t come near this child.

You have harassed and assaulted Dorcy Pruter for years, you have sought to undermine her recoveries at every turn, to destroy the lives of children and return them to their narcissistic abuse by a parent.  Don’t come near this child.

This is my patient.  You’ve never dealt with a clinical psychologist like me before.  I will protect my child with all the professional power that is available to me as a clinical psychologist.  Don’t come near this child.

Choose another one. Better still, don’t choose any.  Stop intruding into the recovery of healthy development achieved by the High Road workshop.  You are not involved.  Re-direct your interests. 

It is my 100% mission that, as we solve the pathology of childhood narcissistic abuse, we will be exposing the extent and nature of the “flying monkey” symptom of narcissistic abuse pathology.

And if you don’t think Dorcy Pruter has identities from her years of targeting by this most vile and malevolent of symptoms from narcissistic abuse and trauma, she knows who you are.  She protects her kids.

This child is the patient of Dr. Childress.  I am monitoring the child’s recovery on a daily basis.  I will protect my child’s recovery.

It is time to expose the “flying monkey” symptom of childhood narcissistic abuse.  The people who manifest this symptom feature are a malignancy of narcissistic child abuse, a ripple from their own unresolved childhood trauma.

My client-child is at risk from them.  I have charted into the medical record the steps I am taking to protect the recovery of my client child from intrusion into treatment by people unrelated to the case who have a grandiose and delusional belief in their entitlement as self-anointed “Saviors” and supposed “Protectors of children” in their delusional reenactment of their own child abuse trauma histories.

Stay away from my patients and their recovery.  Choose another avenue for the manifestation of your delusions.

Professional psychology – APA – you must get over here to look at this.  The pathology of narcissistic child abuse – as exposed in the family court system – requires your immediate and focused attention.

The Petition to the APA:  313 days and counting.  Silence.  No response from the APA to a Petition signed by 20,000 parents.

The APA: Complicity with Child Abuse

Flying monkeys:  The allies in the narcissistic abuse of children. 

Some allies of the pathology are active in enacting the abuse, some allies of narcissistic child abuse are silent in fulfilling their obligation to protect.  Allies of narcissistic child abuse. 

Those that should protect – but don’t – are called the “bystander role” in the trauma recovery literature.  Look it up.

Silence is complicity.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857

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  1. “The Petition to the APA: 313 days and counting. Silence. No response from the APA to a Petition signed by 20,000 parents.”

    Silence? Thundering silence, perhaps. The response is clear to me.

    “When truth is replaced by silence,the silence is a lie.”

    ― Yevgeny Yevtushenko

  2. Reblogged this on Parental Alienation and commented:
    Urban Dictionary: Gang Stalking

    “Gang stalking is organized harassment at it’s best. It is the targeting of an individual for revenge, jealousy, sport, or to keep them quiet, etc. It’s organized, widespread, and growing. Some describe this form of harassment as, “A psychological attack that can completely destroy a persons life, while leaving little or no evidence to incriminate the perpetrators.”

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